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Knowledgeable California Personal Injury Lawyer Offers Sound Legal Advice and Representation

Over 30 years of legal experience helping residents and businesses of San Fernando, Santa Clarita Valley, Palmdale and Lancaster

If you were recently injured in an accident caused by another party’s negligent conduct, it is important that you have a qualified lawyer who will advocate for you. At the Law Offices of Richard G. Becker in Valencia, California, I have assisted clients throughout San Fernando, Santa Clarita Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster and other areas with their personal injury cases. I also handle matters involving employment law and business disputes.

Areas of Practice

Reputable lawyer with a long history of successful outcomes works with businesses and individuals

At my firm, I represent individuals in the following areas of law:

  • Personal injury — If you were injured in an auto accident, bicycle accident, premises liability accident or other incident involving negligence, such as a collision caused by drunk driving, I will help you with your personal injury claim and aim to hold the responsible party accountable in order to obtain a fair recovery amount. I also handle nursing home abuse and neglect cases if you or your vulnerable loved one is being mistreated at their care facility. For surviving family members of someone who died due to their accident injuries, I help them seek damages through wrongful death claims.
  • Labor & employment law — I use my in-depth understanding of California labor and employment law to help employees who believe they have been the victims of sexual harassment or wrongful termination hold their employers accountable.
  • Business law — A legal conflict between businesses, or between a consumer and a business, could threaten the reputation and success of your enterprise. From breach of contract disputes to other conflicts that may require legal intervention, I will seek a favorable outcome throughout the business litigation process.

I am committed to helping you resolve your legal matter in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


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At the Law Offices of Richard G. Becker in Valencia, California, I provide prompt and effective legal solutions in the areas of personal injury, employment law and business law to clients throughout San Fernando, Santa Clarita Valley, Palmdale and Lancaster. Call me today at 661-505-7033 or contact me online to learn more.

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